mood swing (first of two conversations)

An evening in bed with Palinode and Schmutzie (Yesssss! say the fans). Palinode pats Onion the Cat. A frown furrows his smooth rich face.

Palinode: Cat. Your back is wet without reason.

Onion: Meow or something.

Palinode: The cat's back is wet and there's no explanation.

Schmutzie: I spilled water on him when I came in.

Onion: Meow or something.

Palinode: Yeah. I remember now. You walked in and screamed "DRIED-OUT LITTLE BITCH!" and threw your glass of water all over him.

Schmutzie: I DID NOT!

Palinode: You had to go and pour yourself a new glass of water and everything.

Schmutzie: You're the worst liar in all time.

Onion: Meow.