the face

Lately I've been wondering about the face on my website.

It's just to the right of these words. Or in different circumstances, to the right and up. Way up.

That's my face. The one with the stubble and the severe expression. I'm starting to feel that it's too big. Not in real life, but on my site here. Why such a big ol' face for a weblog?

The problem is, it's looking directly at what I write with what I can only interpret as a disapproving glare. Why is my face such a harsh judge? Maybe I thought it would inspire me and push my writing to new levels. The truth is I'm scared to look at my blog now, with that face staring down my words. To compensate, I smile from my perpendicular vantage. But my parallel twin outlasts me.

One day I will replace that picture with something different, and then this entry will make no sense.