a piece of news

As many of my readers will know by now, Schmutzie has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She will be seeing an oncologist very soon and we will know better what we are dealing with at that point (so before you ask me anything, the answer is probably I Don't Know). Many of you have already expressed your sympathies and support, for which I thank you. If you could visit her site and wish her well, I'm sure she would appreciate it very much. Between my gimped-up back and her capricious cervix, we're the world's most tasteless sitcom waiting to happen.

People have asked me how we're doing with the news, and the answer is I Don't Know. I turn my eye inward and it's like a tv screen set to static. Schmutzie, to the best of my knowledge, is in the same state. I'm sure that at some point we'll look down and realize we're up to our necks in black water, but until then we're paddling along. The truth is that we're going through a number of reactions, and some of them are expected, while others are wildly inappropriate. In the meantime, I'd like to thank the people who've been supportive and generous. Especially the O'Hanlon's staff, who bought us free drinks on the day we found out. You can't buy that kind of love.