mister wide head

Heigh-ho. Here's a screwed-up sketch of a guy with a really wide head. He hangs out all day in front a coffee shop with several other guys, whom I have named Old Struwwelpeter, The Hacky-sack King and The Doll Collector. Old Struwwelpeter has a huge shock of frizzy grey hair surrounding a sharp-featured face. Over the years his expression has become set in a look of wary boredom. The Hacky-sack King is a tall man in his mid-fifties who styles himself like a twenty-year old hipster. When not sitting in front of the coffee shop he can be found in the park, hacky-sacking away with twenty year old hipsters and teenage crystal meth junkies, who occasionally break from their exhausting meth-related schedule to kick a tiny bean bag around. The Doll Collector collects dolls.

You may think that I simply can't draw. This is true. But's it's more true that this guy has a really wide head. Bonus random note on rural hockey rink maintenance included.