folks at the bar

Last night I started sketching people at O' Hanlon's. I decided to sketch ugly people, because I'm good at making pretty people look grotesque. I figured that my propensity for deformation would work in my favour if I stuck to the strange.

The first picture features a guy who was just stunningly ugly. No matter how he turned his face, he was startlngly unattractive. I don't believe he said "So fucking pretty" at any point in the night. The scarred pinhead guy above him is a fanciful redrawing with an emphasis on getting ahead in today's tough singles scene.

The second picture is of the "funny table" that sat across from our table at one point in the evening. They weren't particularly ugly, but they all had a strange unfocused quality, as if they'd dressed and styled themselves with the aid of a random number generator. They were like a pile of mismatched socks in a drawer. If I had to guess, I'd say they were a group of live action role playing gamers who first met at a call centre.