oh hey

Lookit this. A blawwg. I bin, yaknow. I bin deprest. cant rite, lookin for inspraytion. but bizzy. no sunlite. too cold. gainin wait, getting old. nearly forgot about blawg.

Update soon, rill soon. letya know when update comes. kinda fun, ritin like this. maybe keep it up a while. maybe post whole entry like this! okay. thats wut ill do. rite entry all sleepy like.

applied for new job. communications. heh. today wrote 1rst ever communications strategy and speech on top. cant believe i pulled it out my ass in time for the dedline. gonna get the job, you bet.

saw clerks 2. funny. awkward. when is kevin smith going to use a camera rite? i couldv thrown a pd-150 across the room and got better shots. yeaaahhh. thats my ticket. ill be the guy that makes the flicks that makes the peoples sick from the camera gettn thrown.

and then what
if i came apart bit
by bit when i was riting
a letter to my mother
to say Dear ma
u made good soup adn pruvided
beneficiall lessons on living
in this turvy scurvy age
but i never liked that spinach pie
yuo made
when i was eight
oops there goes
a finger
a tooth
ah my tung

This has been very therapeutic.