endless caruso

YouTube - CSI Miami - Endless Caruso One Liners

Ah God. I just can't look away. Over seven minutes of David Caruso delivering an inane line, slipping his aviator sunglasses on and exiting to the right. And then the strangled scream from The Who, which starts to sound like a couple of off-camera assholes mocking Caruso's delivery.

I recommend the clip in its entirety, in part because the 'Yeeeahhh!' musical sting clings to its seedy charm no matter how often it's repeated. The clip begins to develop a hypnotic power, numbing you to its rhythms and alerting you to minute deviations in the formula. Does the camera cut to another character before the credits? Then something weird is up. What if David Caruso doesn't put his sunglasses on? What if - and this was the most jarring moment - he doesn't exit right but left, or even, in one instance, up, his face sweeping out of the frame to carry on its terrifying work in some previously undefined upper space? Shit, David Caruso is hovering above us now! Yeeeahhh!