this is just to say (updated)

that I have eaten the plums Thanks to everyone who has sent good thoughts/prayers/karma scarves* my way over the last few months. I'm going in to see a surgeon in a couple of hours and there's a chance that I may not emerge until tomorrow, doped up, sliced up and restapled. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm lying in bed, and it hurts. Ah God, how it hurts.


*Karma scarves do not yet exist. They will be the predominant unit of currency in the post-economic order of the nuclear apocalypse. The survivors holing up through the long decades of nuclear winter will knit karma scarves and send them out as tokens of good will and human community. Mind you, they're woven from human hair, so there's an ick factor to get over.

UPDATE: I'm booked for 3:00 pm Tuesday! In your face, Lord of Discs!