x365: 31 of 365: G.I. Joe

I didn't know about your TV exploits. If someone had asked me about C.O.B.R.A. I would have shrugged. Nonetheless, you came to live with me on my fourth birthday, hiding in a plastic box. Twelve inches tall, with brown velcro-fuzzy hair and beard, and yes, a kung-fu grip that I found fascinating for a day.

But in truth, I had no great interest in military play, even back then. Sure, give me my Six Million Dollar Man action figures, with Maskatron and the Steve Austin Hyperbaric Chamber. Bring on the Spiderman car with the spring-action net. Why did Spiderman have a net-throwing car? Couldn't he just use his own webbing to get around town and catch criminals? And wasn't Spiderman 3 a disappointment? It's like Sam Raimi left halfway through and just said, "Oh, you know, just wrap it all up, people will still line up at the theatres and buy the DVD". What a bummer. I have high hopes for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, though.