feels like home

I'm back! Say, have you ever had four nurses jab you seven times with an IV needle? Apparently I have extremely tough skin and extremely mobile veins. Also, my arms have so many shaved patches that they look like giraffe necks. I felt like a junkie offering up his shriveled arms for that last elusive stab.

Anyway. I'm a bit groggy right now, but I'm back home. The pain that's dogged me for months has vanished utterly. I've suffered a lot of nerve damage, which has reduced feeling in my feet and legs, such that I need a walker to get around. It feels as if my legs have fallen asleep and they're just about to get pins and needles - but they never quite get there. According to those fancy doctors, though, my nerves should slowly repair themselves over the next few months. Not fun, but I can lay flat on my back and straighten out my body now. I'll take a bit of numbness and a walker over pain any day.

A lot of you sent good thoughts, wishes and prayers my way over the last few days. Did your positive energy help me through my experience? Or was it my indomitable will? Only time will tell.