three and a half minutes of david lynch

Sometimes I spend too much time staring at the computer screen. I feel bored, anxious, but the pixels keep me locked into place. After a while, what can I do with this paralysis and boredom but turn it into something entertaining? I wish I could go for a walk, but until that day comes round, here are some short David Lynch clips.

David Lynch's "Clean Up New York" spot

This is an anti-littering PSA for New York City. Do not watch this clip if you have a phobia of or even the mildest antipathy towards rats. I never found rats disturbing until I watched this clip. Now I have a new appreciation of Winston Smith's rodent fear.

David Lynch's "Parisienne People" Cigarette Ad

Pretty much everything that people loved and hated about David Lynch in the mid-'90s can be found in this spot. If you like piles of fish inexplicably leaping upward at the behest of spooky guys in suit jacket and bowtie, all in the service of selling you cigarettes, then this is the commercial of your dreams. Your horrible dreams.

David Lynch's opinion on product placement

It's obvious that Lynch has no problems with making commercials, but he takes a very dim view of product placement in movies. Not safe for work, unless you work at Total Fucking Bullshit Inc., in which case people will think you're answering the phone.

I Am The Wolfman

Recently Lynch made a series of commercials for the Playstation 2 with the slogan "Welcome to the Third Place". I don't know where The Third Place is or what they do there, but I don't ever want to go. But I love this ad, which looks and feels more like Michel Gondry than David Lynch.