tea and toast

Palinode: I made a fine pot of tea last night.

Schmutzie: Did you?

Palinode: I’m clearly going to make some more tea right now.

Schmutzie: Oh, clearly.

Palinode: It’s pretty obvious that’s the way things are going.

Schmutzie: I really like the green tea with the toasted rice flavour.

Palinode: (slight pause) That’s not the tea I’m referring to, with regard to making some more.

Schmutzie: I know, but I really like that toasted rice flavour. I think I just like that flavour of toast with anything… tea…

Palinode: Yup.

Schmutzie: Ice cream…*

Palinode: That’s good ice cream, with the toast flavour.

Schmutzie: And toast.

Palinode: Toast flavour pairs well with toast.

Schmutzie: We should sell bread with that flavour!

Palinode: Bread that tastes like toast?

Schmutzie: You wouldn’t need to put it in the toaster for that toast taste!

Palinode: I don’t think that would sell.

Schmutzie: I think people would eat it, like, at least twice.

Palinode: I think people would throw up, like, a lot.

*Toasted sesame ice cream. Available at Japanese restaurants.