holy holy damn new domain hell

Well, hiya. If you're reading this, then I haven't utterly completely torpedoed my blog. Instead I've got my own domain now: http://thepalinode.com. Feels good. Do what Jesus told us all to do way back when the internet was born in 14 A.D.* and update yer bookmarks.

On the other hand, if you're not reading this, and instead you're looking at an obnoxious Godaddy page, then I'm still pissed off and getting tired of waiting to see if I followed the switchover instructions correctly. Quick note: buying a domain and switching your site over is not easy when you're stumbling home drunk at 4 AM** and trying to follow the monstrously inadequate instructions that Google Apps Help drops for your convenience.

So why is my site called thepalinode.com, and not the snappier and funkier palinode.com? Because some pisshead out there guy named David Jones is sitting on my nom de blogue. Yeah, that'll sell real soon. Lots of classical scholars out there just waiting to plunk down the big bucks for a novel way to sell palinode-composition tips to hungry poets. Seriously, aside from sessional lecturers and myself, who wants that domain name? Argh.

Anyway, this domain name change marks my new foray into blog professionalism. Now everyone must take my blog seriously, because I've got my own domain. If you don't, I will smite you with my mighty custom domain powers, which I understand give me the capability to set children's heads on fire.

*Yeah, I know it's CE now and not AD, I took Hebrew classes in university and learned all about it, okay? Okay? Oy.

**Yes, I know it's BPM now and not AM, I took Clock classes at the community centre, okay?

Update: Godaddy is only asking about twenty bucks per year for palinode.com, which isn't oh so bad. But I'm keeping my bad-tempered rant, because bad-tempered rants are like World of Warcraft gold. Except WoW gold is actually worth something.

More update: Never mind. I can't get it to work. Curse da internet.