neighbourhood vintages

Impark Parking Lot at 13th and Halifax 2004
This unassuming vintage is the product of long warm days and mild nights, with only a little rainfall to wash away the dust and pollen. Enjoy the body of Japanese import cars, gravel and urine, with afternotes of exhaust and scraps of paper.

Basement of the Bartleman Apartments, 14th and Cornwall 1998
The taste of paint flakes and abandoned appliances dominate this dark damp wine. A nightmarish maze of tunnels gives this vintage its draughty flavour, with the warmth of the door to the boiler room thrown in for a bit of the old unheimlich.

McDonald Building Elevator, 10th Street NE, across from the Kensington Roastery 1995
Inexplicable flavour of wet dog lingers on the tongue and permeates this antique vintage. With the fine taste of muddy bootprint on high-grade lino and the exhalations of depressed Calgarians. Definitely unoaked.