new service: Ask Palinode

From what I can gather, human knowledge is incomplete. Therefore you have questions. Questions of all possible kinds, from the moot to the grand, profane to profound, personal to not personal. A sample question may be, What up? or Why did Wanda Mosher dump you in the ninth grade? or What was the chief result of the Diet of Worms? Whatever your question, I will answer it.


Are you saying that you will answer absolutely any question put to you, no matter how inane, as long as the question is in English, and even then you will do your best to provide an answer?
I am not saying. I am writing. But yes.

Why are you doing this?
For the betterment of humankind, so that they may not toil in darkness, but may know more stuff than they did before they asked me.

Will you provide diagrams, technical illustrations or doodles?
Fuck yeah! If I feel like it.

Can you draw?
No. But it's all in the journey.

What is the correct format for asking questions?
Send an email to the following address:

askpalinode at gmail dot com.

What's the turnaround time for answers?
Generally I'll try and get around to it within 24 hours within 7 days whenever.

Where will the answers be posted?
Here. I may generate a spin-off site if the response is good enough.

How many questions can one person ask?
As many as you can think of. A ton of questions all at once will result in shorter answers, though.

Will your answers prove accurate, as they say?
I doubt it.