office christening

Evening around the home. Who doesn't love an evening around the home? Communists, that's who. I digress. Still evening. Palinode walks into the office, spies a piece of cat shit that's been kicked out of the litter box by an overenthusiastic cat. He walks into the living room.

Palinode: Do you know how you can tell that the spare room's an office?

Schmutzie: No, how?

Palinode: There's cat shit on the floor.

Schmutzie: Oh, that's definitely an office then.

Palinode: It's like I said.

Schmutzie: At our office there's cat shit everywhere.

Palinode: But it's not fresh quality cat shit like our home office.

Schmutzie: No, we have to get it outsourced and brought in.

Palinode: You need in-house cat shit capability. Is management going to get on that?

Schmutzie: It's true, we need a cat shit delivery system.

Palinode: Where's ours right now?

Schmutzie: It's in the bathtub waiting for a bug to crawl out of the drain.

Palinode: That's some good office infrastructure.