site update bidness

I have moved my weblog from the old Blogger to the burning new Blogger Beta. According to the people who created, designed and marketed Blogger Beta, this is a good thing. We shall see. That fucking navbar is back atop my blog, which burns me some, but otherwise all looks well.

What does this mean for you folks out there? Well. It really only affects the elite few who leave comments. If you currently leave comments under your Blogger account, you will need to either switch the Blogger Beta or leave remarks under the "Other" or "Anonymous" options. Mind you, I'm no great fan of anonymous comments, mostly because I like to follow the commenter back and read his or her weblog.

The best part of the new Blogger is the tag function, which they insist on calling "labels". Possibly because they're two years behind the curve on this one.

Also, as far as I can tell, they haven't implemented label functionality yet. Or perhaps they have, but have shoved it into a closet somewhere and said "Shhhhhh!"

Update: The labeling function only works if you forsake your current template for one of Blogger's new drag-n-drop templates, which are all, down to the last one, uggly-buggly and do not come with my Chris Ware background image. I imagine they'll figure out a way to add labels to custom templates soon.