tuna aforethought

Palinode: Hey, you know that cafeteria where the sandwiches exist in strict hierarchy?

Schmutzie: Of course.

Palinode: Today I abjured the salmon.

Schmutzie: You ‘abjured’ it, did you?

Palinode: Hot diggety dang I did. I bought the tuna instead.

Schmutzie: I won’t eat tuna. I find methods of tuna fishing ethically unacceptable.

Palinode: I can’t believe there’s such an industry for a fish that exists only as compressed flakes.

Schmutzie: Oh that’s gross.

Palinode: But this sandwich one came with a sticky note.

Schmutzie: What did it say?

Palinode: It said ‘tuna’.

Schmutzie: Did it say it once or did it repeat the word ‘tuna’ in a tinny little voice?

Palinode: Plaintively it cried ‘Tuna!’ before subsiding into a susurrant tuna-related monologue.

Schmutzie: What are you going to do with a sticky note that says ‘tuna’?

Palinode: Take it back to the office, affix it to documents, write reminders on it, that sort of thing.

Schmutzie: And let it lull you into an afternoon nap at your desk with its whispering?

Palinode: Heck no. I’m not letting my guard down for some dolorous post-it note and its fishload of troubles.

This post generated on 07/24/06 by the Palischmutz TalkBot. This conversation would have definitely taken place had Schmutzie not been on her coffee break when I called about the sandwich.