up with vox

I've started up another weblog on Vox, a state-a-thuh-art service with all the most rocking features from Typepad and something else and another thing. I am not their spokesperson, as you can tell. Go ask Team Vox, and they'll say "He's not the spokesperson of us!" and they'll throw the ice cream on the floor and run around the table screaming for a while.

I josh. They are better than that, and here is their blog. Membership is apparently by invite only, but it turned out that I was married to a vox member, so the invite proved relatively easy to procure. I just had to do, you know, that thing with her. And look what it got me - I call it palinode's intrusion into civilized space. The Palace, as you may know, occupies a high-energy plane that is a hypostasis of my mind, a sphere of all things palinode, generally contained in a bubble of its own. The Vox blog is an irruption of The Palace into The World. It's a blog hernia.

Yes, I know the readers have all left now. There's only Deron and Mnuez. Hello you two! I'm framing the new weblog in extra fancy talk because I'm apparently part of a wave of new users. Most of their entries run like "This is my first entry on Vox. I am going to use this weblog to talk about work. I work very hard for my success which I enjoy". Or "This first entry is crap, haha". Yes, it is. Deliberate crap? Is still crap. And people who spell out their intentions in the first entry of their weblog, under the delusion that anyone is going to read them after such a dull introduction, should be placed into a big canister and floated out into the Pacific. Telephone sanitizers all. Away with them.

I blather some. Visit yourself some alternate weblog some time. I'm there, Schmutzie's there, and all those crazy blogging superstars are kicking around as well.