on difference

All the funny conversations happen in the bathroom. By way of proof, our last conversation happened in the living room. You see? You get where I'm going with this? Okay. Evening time with Schmutzie and Palinode. Bathroom. The rheostat is turned down to a pleasingly warm yellow light.

Schmutzie: Where did you get those jeans?

Palinode: I've always had these jeans. Kind of like, in an Overlook hotel sense.

Schmutzie: I've never seen them before.

Palinode: It's the newly developed hole in the knee that's fooling you. It's because they're different.

Schmutzie: Different from what?

Palinode: Everything that isn't these jeans at this moment.

Schmutzie: Everything's different than your jeans.

Palinode: Except for my jeans. They're the same.

Schmutzie: ...as your jeans.

Palinode: Yeah.

Schmutzie: Yeah.

Palinode: I got nothing here.