friday on the deck

Last Friday the deck at O'Hanlon's opened. This marks the start of the warm season in this city. Armed with Schmutzie's digital camera, I started taking pictures of people at the long end of the zoom.

This guy caught me just as I was taking the picture. Clearly he was pleased.

Note the strange spindle of a goatee. It's like a little fur-lined piano stool holding up his lip.

His friend didn't care about being photographed. Instead of a goatee he's sporting a bottle of Kokanee.

That must be heavy.

Youngblood (on the left) and Nick (on the right) were sitting with us. At his best moments, Nick looks a bit like Superman.

This is not one of Nick's best moments.

In Youngblood's best moments, he gets a soulful early Peter Fonda look going on.

Actually, I think Youngblood would make a great California folk-rocker circa '71.

Abigail and Dashing Rod joined us for a while. Rod reacted correctly to the news that I'd left my job by buying me a beer. Remember: screwing up your face and saying "Whaddidjadoothatfor?" is the incorrect response. Buying me a beer is always correct, or at least on the correct track.

Last but not least, I caught a couple of photos of C., the world's most dedicated Sonic Youth fan.

And that's all. After I took these photos I stepped out into the street and got hit by a dog on a skateboard. Or maybe that was an episode of Scooby-Doo? Best bet, that was an episode of Scooby-Doo that I made up when I was a kid. Or an adult. Or just now.