dooced is the new farked?

Yesterday I had a modest weblog. One hundred, two hundred hits a day, a few regulars faithfully commenting.

Today I have over 1700 hits. And it's not even 11:30 in the morning.

I've been linked by Dooce. This has driven my hits through the roof and excited my wife, who phoned me this morning to tell me that her weblog was being boarded* by surfers coming from my site. Then her voice dropped to a whisper: "You've been linked by Dooce," she breathed.

I had to pause a moment to process two things: 1) Heather Armstrong reads my site; 2) it seemed to be getting my wife kind of hot.

It turns out that she linked to my post about the care and feeding of elderly Jews. Faaantastic. I'm going to be that Guy Who Wrote About the Jews from now on. This is not something I can put on my CV.

Actually, I'm thrilled. What this is going to give me is a billion more weblogs to read, a billion more interesting and funny and thoughtful people to wave hello to across the cybergulf. And once the initial rush of visitors drops off, there'll be a few who stick around. As Just Linda said, I'm in for it.

*I say 'boarded' because I picture the web surfers as pirates on surfboards. I don't know why.