vacation days

Hey guys! Over the last week I've been watching Six Feet Under. My girlfriend left all her DVDs behind when she went on her overseas mission, so I've been catching up on the crazy stuff that everyone's watching these days. And while I don't think all that language is necessary, it got me to thinking about how the kids out there are talking about death. I mean, check this out from the NFB catalogue:

That kid isn't just talking about death, he (or maybe she, I can't tell) is talkin' about it. Heck, maybe the kids are out there crunkin' about death right now.

I've written a hip-hop song for the kids that tells them all about how uncool death is and how great it feels to be alive, by comparison. The beats are phat and they've got cowbell up the you-know. The point is, if my fresh jam stops even one kid from taking his or her life, like that Wilson-Phillips tune, then this website has paid for itself twenty times over.

Let's kick it live-style.

The dead don't wind no clocks
The dead don't darn no socks
And all the choked-out brokers
Hope the afterlife's got stocks

The dead don't do 1337-speak
'Cause d00d their game is weak
And when they turn their TVs on
It's always Dawson's Creek (P3WND!)

Their nightclubs all is dull!
They're Ottawa, we're Hull!
They've only got one Yuk-Yuks
And they just booked Martin Mull!

The dead don't eat no ce-re-al
'Cause they are too fu-ner-e-al
We muster like old Custer
All our soldiers and ma-te-ri-el

But one day we'll be there too
Sure as drivers turn a screw
We'll forget the ones who loved us
And that cat that smelled like poo

Yeah, that cat sure smelled like poo
And that homeless guy did too
From the purrin' to the urine
Life is beautiful and true

I'm also developing an instructional multimedia resource kit for classes up to grade 9. It's totally karoake, dudes! I mean d00dz. Whatever that shit is. You kids are like little freaking aliens, if you want my honest opinion.