fish fashions summer '71

Good news for everyone who likes good news! At the urging of lots of people, or maybe three people, I'm putting my Die Lungbreathers fish on a line of apparel. T-shirts, infant onesies, mugs, thongs and boxers - you name it, a Die Lungbreathers fish can adorn it. With special guest appearances by Terrible Fish Machines and Whale Propaganda (also makes a fine screensaver).

In the meantime, while I'm hashing out the details and making sure that you all get my finest art on the most sweatshop-free clothing available, here are some Die Lungbreathers fashion sketches I've whipped up, in homage to the Sears catalogues of my youth.

I call it "Sharp Poly Pant Look" (with discreet pant spigot).

"Night Action Look"

"Street or Shower"

Were the Sears catalogues of my youth really filled with streetwise young hustlers lounging against brick walls? It must have been so.