swift diddle

The Night. The Palinode and The Lotus are falling asleep in The Bed.

Lotus: Mmph. Mm. Oh my.

Palinode: (not so awake) Wuzzah wah?

Lotus: (sleepy but articulate) I know I'm falling asleep because my brain is doing stupid things.

Palinode: Yuh?

Lotus: First I'm saying 'doughnuts' in my head and spelling it d-o-u-g-h, then I'm saying 'donuts' but spelling it d-o-n-u-t-s. Then I'm saying 'Doughnuts do nuts' in my head. It's porn for the food world.

Palinode: I'm picturing it in my head. Although I think the nuts would do the doughnuts.

Lotus: It's porn for the snack food world.

Palinode: Fast fucks for fast food?

Lotus: Exactly.

Palinode: (burst of energy)Swift Diddles!

Lotus: That sounds like a kind of snack food all on its own.

Palinode: They're like Skittles for the sexy snacker.

Okay. Now that you've absorbed that snippet of authentic married talk, let me tell you about the collaborative project I've embarked on. Every day The Lotus writes down a word on a sticky note and leaves it for me. I give myself half an hour to write whatever my brain likes to associate with it, and then I post it, no matter how badly it sucks. Today's word, which is actually two words, is metal detector.