11 AM. The office of Palinode Productions. Phone rings.

Palinode: Good morning, Palinode Productions.

Schmutzie: Hi there. I've got your dumb question for the day.

P: Is it eleven already?

S: Labelist.

P: That's more of a word than a question.

S: Is that a word, labelist? I just came up with it.

P: You've made up the word.

S: Yes.

P: But that's not really your question.

S: No.

P: You want to know if it's spelled with one or two l's.

S: Exactly.

P: Definitely one l.

S: Otherwise you'd be a labellist.

P: You'd be all for Patti LaBelle, marching in the streets.

S: Holding placards. Shouting out LaBelle-friendly slogans.

P: You're no LaBellist.

S: No way!

P: What do you think is worse: you calling me up at work to ask about a made-up word, or the fact that I knew immediately that your question was really about the spelling of a made-up word?

S: Worst of all is the spread of vioent LaBellist demonstrations.

P: Pah! Ti! Pah! Ti!