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Lotus: Hi there! (sees herself in mirror) Oh my God!

Palinode: Your hair's a little on the messy side this morning.

Lotus: (running hands through hair, pushing down a cowlick here, shifting a tuft there)) This is the first time today I've seen myself in the mirror.

Palinode: (thinking that the mussed-hair look is kind of fetching/sexy) It looks a bit like thatch. You've got a thatched roof on your head.

Lotus: I guess so, huh?

Palinode: Your hair is an outmoded roofing technology. There are peasants living in your head.

Lotus: What? That's... that's a weird thing to say to me. That's like a Bosch painting or something.

Palinode: Your head is a Bosch painting and the peasants are cowering in the thatched-roof cottage of your head.

Lotus: (clearly uncertain about the merits of continuing the conversation) Well. I'm going to get washed up and fix my hair.

Palinode: Aren't you worried about the peassnts?

Lotus: My head's waterproof. (points at head) They'll be okay.

Palinode: Won't they be scared and confused by the sudden advancement in roofing technology?

Lotus: Don't worry. I'll keep my eyes closed so they don't see anything.

Palinode: And keep your mouth closed so they don't escape.