comicstorm: the destruction of garfield syn

The revolution in taste is finally occurring: The L.A. Times is dropping the daily Garfield strip from its comics page (via Waxy). The Washington Post's Gene Weingarten is quoted in the story as deeming Garfield to be "a strip produced by a committee, devoid of originality, devoid of guts, a strip cynically DESIGNED to be inoffensive and bad, on the theory that public tastes are insipid".

My God. When did the tide start to turn against Jim Davis? This is a comic strip that's been around so long now that I remember trading Garfield books in elementary school. Although I don't follow the adventures of that fatso cat and his ineffectual Everyman of an owner anymore, the little I've seen indicates that the strip is no less funny than it ever was. So what's wrong with it now? Less Nermal? Too much Lyman? Readers fed up with Liz's demands? Cross-species relationship between Garfield and Odie? Liz and Odie? Lyman and a farm goat? Maybe people are wising up to the fact that a hedonistic tabbie cat ceases to be funny or interesting after thirty seconds.

I invite you to offer reasons.