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Palinode: Hey, Lotus. What kind of animal am I? (does something animal-like with his arms and shoulders)

Lotus: I don't know, some kind of lizard?

Palinde: No, this animal's got more energy than a lizard. (does it again with slightly more energy)

Lotus: Maybe it's a chicken?

Palinode: To be honest I'm not sure what animal I'm imitating here.

Lotus: Have you ever looked into a chicken's eyes? They're lizard eyes.

Palinode: Lotus, chickens are birds.

Lotus: Birds are descended from lizards. Their feathers -

Palinode: Chickens are birds, chickens are birds.

Lotus: Their feathers are -

Palinode: chickensarebirds chickensarechickensarebirds chickensarebirds

Lotus: - modified scales.

Palinode: chickensarebirds.

A few minutes later

Palinode: I'd like to transcribe our conversation.

Lotus: Oh, that'd be awesome! (looks around the room, clearly imagining a stenographer in the corner)

Palinode: No, I'd like to transcribe it right now and put it on the web.

Lotus: Hey, that'd take us right through our earlier conversation and then right up this bit where I said 'That'd be awesome'!

Palinode: Yes. Yes it would.