a few things

The first thing (prmr chs): don't bother reading the last two entries (n prn ps l pn d lr ls dx drnr ntrs). They bore me and they're long (ls m'nnnt t ls snt lngs).

The second thing (dxm chs): don't read this entry either (n lt ps ct ntr nn pls). It's deliberately obtuse (c'st dlbrmnt bts).

The third thing: enough of that stuff (ssz!).

The fourth thing: visit this link here and scroll down to the bottom with the two empty images. "No image is currently available for this animal" sounds like Baudrillard discussing the relationship between early colonial exploration and art.

The fifth thing: My favourite thing (and the fifth thing - see start of line) about The Lotus's weblog is having the privilege of reading about my own life from a slightly different point of view. I feel as if I'm part of a biography. I read her stuff and watch the way I pass through another person's life. It's a good feeling to know that I'm doing alright by her.

The sixth thing: No image is currently available for this animal (Aucune image n'est actuellement disponible pour cet animal).