really quite busy

Everybody's talking at me. I don't hear a word they're saying - only the echoes of my mind. People stop and stare. I don't see them looking - I just keep referencing obscure lyrics from the Golden Age of film. Next.

Because my internet access tends to be limited on the road, I don't have much time to compose entries - and regrettably, my palinode post suffer, and the palace looks a little shabby. Nonetheless I try to maintain appearances with regular but hurried posts like this one, which contains:


Incontrovertable fact #1: 90% of the population of Brampton Ontario (pop. 286 000) lives in a dozen green-and-grey highrises concentrated on five square acres at the city's edge. The wealthy 10% live in luxurious faux brick two-car garage homes bordering noxious freeways and electrical transformer towers. The truly privileged live deep inside a nest of discount malls and chain restaurants. The citizens of Brampton beach themselves on Red Lobster, swarm on Blessings and pick desultorily through bruised produce in the No Frlls food store.

Incontrovertable fact #2: I saw a hawk killing a sparrow on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition yesterday. The sparrow called out in alarm and fear. The hawk look pissed off.

Incontrovertable fact #3: Elektra singlehandedly revives the flapping-fabric genre of film. Not one shot goes by without a ribbon, a sheet, Jennifer Garner's hair or Terrence Stamp's mouth flapping crazily in the wind. Come 2006 the Academy will need to create categories for Best Flapping Engineer, Best Flapping Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay with Flapping.

There are no more facts. Nietzsche claimed that facts are interpretations; in that case my interpretations are hard and totalitarian.