because my friends are voyeurs and seem to like the marital conversations

Evening. The Lotus lies all supine in bed, superbly naked but for a blanket and a pair of glasses. The Palinode peeks his head around the corner.

Palinode: I finished The Search today. (points at the nighttable where a copy of Geoff Dyer's The Search lies all supine, superbly read but for the verso and a blurb on the back cover)

Lotus: (puts on a puzzled frown) You finished the search?

Palinode: Yes. The Search.

Lotus: The search?

Palinode: The book. The book I bought the other day.

Lotus: You were searching for a book?

Palinode: No. The Search.

Lotus: Oh. (suddenly bursts out into maniacal laughter) Hah ha ha ha ha! I was acting like I didn't understand what you were saying! Ah ha ha ha!

Palinode: Yes, I saw that.

Lotus: Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh my - (quiets down for a split second, then bursts out into fresh round of laughter) I was just LOOKING at you! And you were talking! Ah ha ha ha!

Palinode: I knew you'd get my drift at some point.

Lotus: Ah - ha - ha ha ha! IT'S THAT BLUE AND PURPLE BOOK! OH MY GOD!

Palinode: Those are its colours, yes.

Lotus: That was funny.