Once more I can post on my weblog! I promised in my last entry to retract all the nasty things I said about Reagan's death and the free market. Well, forget it. I retract my retraction in a spirited counterpalinode. The only downside to Reagan's death was that the pomp and timing only bolstered the Republican cause. That's Ronald Reagan for you: a withered old cabbage patch doll of such insurmountable bastardry that even by his death he damages the discourse. May Satan's urine trickle down for all eternity on his Brylcreem'd helmet of hair.

Okay, I feel much better now. May I add that I also do not regret putting up a picture featuring my wife's face, despite the risk of stalkers, home invaders, telemarketers, etc.

While Blogger was being crotchety I wrote an account of the death of my pet rabbit Gordon on my dormant Diaryland site. You can find it here. My wife wrote about Gordon as well here. Feel free to give them a read. Have a piece of memory of our pet.