business centre

Today I'm in a business centre, where everybody does their business, leaving all their business all over the room in loose files. Outside the business centre all the businessmen and women gather and stand in loose lines and rub their shoulders. The old-school types smoke cigarettes and crane their necks for ashtray stands. Where did all the ashtrays go? Some stamp their feet impatiently because they have business to do, and god knows they're not getting paid to stand around in lines like this, getting tired, getting cramped, losing valuable minutes while the ever-accelerating business world pulses outside the hotel, like an invisible network of freeways cast across the planet. No way. Gotta keep their edge, gotta keep their bellies fed and their coats groomed, gotta trim the unnecessary body hairs before the conference. Gotta visit the fitness centre. Gotta get a good night's sleep. Gotta straighten the files because they're full of business.