questions, answers, veracity

People who read my blog have been asking me questions lately, so it's only fair that people who write my blog (me) answer them. You're with me on that? Okay, let's proceed.

Palinode, did you really find a manuscript in the alley behind your building?

Why yes I did. I went out the next day to grab page 29, which has an excellent description of a gang of sunburnt bikers walking down a dusty street - surely to terrorize the inhabitants! - about to confront our hero. Does our hero, with ole' Broke Bike and Big Gun/Huge Revolver, know who these bikers are, with their dusty jeans and sunburnt noses? Will justice prevail, a twisted justice that makes a mockery of mercy? I dunno. I couldn't find page thirty. The entire alleyway had been cleaned up, the junk swept up, the stinking dumpsters emptied out, and the manuscript a dream.

Palinode, are there really women in your palace, as you claim, and do they truly bestow class?

Yes. You can see them here, diligently plotting out ways to make my palace even classier. Oh man, you should see my digs. So much class. Mahogany accents, indoor swimming pool, wet bar, you name it.

When's your next trip and where are you going?

On Tuesday I go to the Philippines for a week or so, then I'm going back to Australia for another week. I'll be back on the 31st of August, jet-lagged and freaked and exhausted, limp and translucent as a jellyfish. When I'm in the Philippines I'll mostly be in rural areas, so you won't be hearing much from me. Melbourne, though, is full of IBM-compatible personal computers, and no doubt some of them employ TCP/IP to transmit information all over the world.