a good day for neologism (a bad day for neologists)

Without disclosing full details of its genesis, I will inform you that I've created a new word from handy preexisting ones, the better for semantic range and flexibility: sockbison, s. from OE socc "light slipper" & L. bison "wild ox": 1. rar. much as you would imagine, a species of pygmy American bison (tax. bison bisonum) accustomed to living in people's socks, where it is said to favour a warm moist environment - 1932 "It is imperative in the tropics to check one's shoes every morning for nesting sockbisons, as their hooves can deliver a crippling blow to the toes and ankles, to say nothing of their vigorous headbutt"; 2. obs. a sort of crude ordnance, reputedly derived from a Frankish sling-style weapon, employed in the War of the Roses - c1450 "A traitor shotte a Gonne, and this soccebison smot the good Earl of Salisbury"; 3. coll. male genitals - 2004 "My sockbison hurts from when you kicked it after I made up the word 'sockbison'".

I'm off to go hang around an active volcano in the Philippines for a week. The next thing you hear from me will be a tired grumbling from a hotel somewhere near LAX.