my lands are where my latter day saints lie buried

It looks like I'll be heading to the Crazy Horse monument in June to do a segment for our "Big and Small" show. The show, unsurprisingly, is about big things and small things. I am preceded by an illustrious line of frivolous show hosts, chief among them Donny Osmond for the Travel Channel. I was supposed to travel to South Dakota last year, which would have put me within days of meeting that old Clean Pop LDS icon. Who knows, I might have gotten to hang out with D. Osmond! I believe he was a little bit rock and roll, no? I am deeply conflicted about my job sometimes.

Speaking of LDS, do you remember the scene in Star Trek IV in which Kirk tries to pass off Spock's Swami-esque behaviour and terrycloth outfit with the explanation that "in the sixties he did a little too much LDS"?

I wonder how many Mormons found that line funny? (Ha ha, he baptized too many previous generations &c.) Which makes me wonder: what constitutes Mormon humour? Hey, Jake, don't tip over that urn! C'mon, Zeke, you're such a moron...i! AH HAH HAH HAH. Snarf snarf.