antarctic ice shelves and the free market

I ran my plan to flash-freeze New Jersey and mount it on the Antarctic ice shelf by my wife last night. She told me that scientists of great renown and stern demeanour fear that sections of the ice will eventually slide into the sea (climate change &c.).

This sounds great to me. New Jersey will become a floating monument to the free movement of capital, riding the currents as we ride the deep undertows and riptides of the free market. Better yet, we could freeze several different locations from around the world, set them adrift and offer people a choice of distinct floating monuments. Choice bits of Minneapolis. Asbestos, Quebec. The International Free Zone perched on the shores of Jamaica. Guantanamo Bay. The travel plaza off highway 403 as you approach London, Ontario. That place has got a Mr. Sub and a Tim Horton's and a Wendy's and everything.