a nupdate

Regarding Perdido Street Station, which I predicted would spawn a sequel real soon: there's is a sequel, another 800-page fatty that I will probably read. But for Christ's sake, Meaville: I want to write a novel as well, buddy, and if you keep dumping out these hay bales, where am I going to find the time?

Regarding The Lotus' entries on my kissing style or the high regard in which she holds me: Really, she is too kind. I am an ugly man, fish-belly white and surrounded by a pillow of my own grotesque flab. One of my legs is a sort of stump with an articulated flipper at the end, good only for stirring up bathwater. I live in a jar and travel around the world in the cargo hold of FedEx planes. But I have the nicest eyes.

Regarding the States: go visit Seastreet for a sober take on that brutal mess of an election. As a nation fulminates on voter rolls and Diebold and GOP dirty tricks, Seastreet swivels around and looks at the Democratic campaign. Yes, I'm sure that Democrat voters in their thousands were turned away or intimidated or had their votes meddled with by the magic touch-screen machines of Diebold - but come on, people. A close race? A mannequin like Bush shouldn't get more than five hundred votes in the first place. The booths should have been swamped, drowned, utterly saturated with pissed-off citizens working together to get rid of that pisshead and his syndicate. But clearly enough people felt that the alternative simply wasn't good enough. And that's all the Republicans needed - just enough people. Ah well. I'm betting that 2006 will see a backlash against the GOP. Anyone for backlash in '06?