from the heart of the Meuse Valley come exhausted Canadians

It's nice to be sitting around in the old section of Brussels, because we just spent several days in what has to be the ugliest shit that Western Europe has to offer. Certainly, there are parts of Eastern Europe that look like huge industrial middens with cities plopped on top of them, but the Meuse Valley offers some serious competition. It's a thirty kilometre-long fart, the rancid body gasses of capitalism exhaling all the way to Huy from the back end of Liege. I can't recall, offhand, ever seeing so many nuclear reactors jockeying for space with chemical dye factories and whatnot. I'll tell you all about it when I get home in five days. Five days! Five days. A quick trip through England and then it's home for me. And you will all get to look at my photographs, the online version of the family vacation slide show.

Until then, content yourself with the fact that western Austrians translate 'backyard' as 'backside,' so if you're quick you can get there soon and have a glass of fresh apple juice from someone's backside. I sure did.