Story Cubes #4

Check out this here buh-zisness. I downloaded the Story Cubes app and now I'm free of the arduous tasks of holding, rolling and arranging dice with my filthy non-virtual hands. As always, I'm generating two stories: one reading the cubes from top left to bottom right, the other going from bottom right to top left.

Okay? Okay.

Story #1

Not many people know that stars are stuck to the vault of the night sky with quality glue, but every so often one comes loose and streaks down to the planet. Bees around the world are dispatched to the spot where where the star willl land (stars are full of pollen), navigating by the ever-brightening sky.

The star, whose name was Charles, landed among the pyramids, terrifying adults and delighting a tour bus full of seniors on a good old Baedeker tour. Still, they went up in flames, proving conclusively that terror and delight are equally bad choices as flame retardants.

Eventually the crater left by Charles filled with water. Local fish applied to live there, but their application was halted by urban development with plenty of mixed retail-office space zoning. Undaunted, the fish and the bees (remember them?) entered into a pollen trade agreement with Charles the Star, who found himself in the enviable position of being a primary resource with a formidably high surface temperature. Everyone was happy, except for the people who burned up. 

Story #2

Cities of towers will halt their expansion when the oceans rise and fish claim their birthright. Youthful fires fade with age and leave behind monuments as a cinder. Electric light bulbs buzz like bees and hold up their light against distant stars.