Story Cubes #3

Story Cubes, artisanally rolled by me. Two stories, reading the cubes a) top left to bottom right, and b) bottom right to top left.

Story #1

One day, my head in the clouds, my head transported through clouds, I had the typical thing, an idea, about doing something completely new, crossing over into unexplored territory, a climb up on nothing more substantial than light. It would unlock everything, I thought, it would exalt me. But monstrous things lurk in the bright light of exaltation. Honestly the whole process felt like a letdown.

Story #2

Do not be sad, child, about the monster that stalks you, because it is only yourself. Look up and unlock the door: it's a bright and beautiful day outside, a day where rain clouds have just passed through and bent the medium of seeing for your pleasure. Not far from your house you will find a path over a bridge, a path that leads somewhere more brilliant and exalted than you can imagine.