Story Cube #2: Wraiths and regrets

Story Cubes rolled and arranged by Schmutzie. The first story follows the cubes from top left to bottom right; the second goes from bottom right to top left.

Story #1: Forwards

Purely by chance a loosed arrow sped upward, hitting a wraith who had been terrorizing a group of people in a wigwam. Unaware of the goings-on above and unable to hear the terrible cry of the wounded wraith, fish swam happily through the tannin-brown ripples of the stream, sunlight flashing off their backs and creating a scene worthy of a postcard. The people in the wigwam debated going outside and maybe taking a dip in the river, but no one could say for sure whether the wraith was dead or just angry about being hit by an arrow, so they stayed where they were and hoped vaguely for a world that did not include wraiths.

Story #2: Backwards

Perry sent a cheerful postcard to his family, a brief scrawl to reassure his mother and father that everything was just fine in his new home, and could all those fishy deeds and past arguments be set aside like so much water under the bridge? Come home, Perry could hear his parents imploring, sit with us and we'll work things out. But he could feel the spectre of old wounds and embedded fragments rising up in the skin, splinters that could emerge and cause fresh damage as easily as a randomly chosen word.